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Meet the Family That Travels the Country by Renting Out a Ferris Wheel

That’s what it takes to overcome your fear of ferris wheels, according to Darren Janesky, the man behind Big Round Wheel. BRW is a ferris wheel and amusement park rental company based out of Blacksburg, South Carolina, with a roster of high-profile events and celebrity clients in tow.

Owned and operated by the Janesky family—Darren, his wife, Jessica, and their three children—BRW was born out of a dad’s need to please his kids. It was 2011, and Darren was in the market for a ferris wheel.

He originally bought the classic 1969 spinning ride to set up in their backyard. It was a restoration project, and he had an amusement manufacturer restore the wheel to original condition. But as the cost climbed and the family put more and more money into the ride, the manufacturer recommended the Janeskys start renting it out.

BRW’s first year clocked about three or four rentals and showed the family there was a market for ferris wheel rentals.

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