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The Water Gun Game

Water Gun Game

Many of our clients that are searching for carnival game rental have requested this very popular and classic carnival game trailer, The Water Gun Game accommodates 11 players where each player gets a chance to aim their water gun at 1 of 3 alternating targets and propel their moving game pendent toward the finish line. The winner is made known with flashing lights and bells at their station. The game is equipped with loudspeaker, automated announcements, and music. The marquee stands nearly 24 feet tall filled with colorful flashing lights, flags, and flood lights to illuminate the entire game outside and above. Players can sit comfortably on colorful stools placed in front of the attraction.

The Water Gun Fun game is a high-capacity attraction. With 11 players per cycle, that lasts around 3 minutes, 20 cycles an hour, over 200 players per hour.

This is a very large state fair or midway game that would be assembled on site. The footprint is 12ft deep by 32ft long, an 24ft tall. We maintain the game in spectacular condition.

This game trailer rental is available to be combined with an amusement ride rental that we offer. We do not rent the game trailers alone unless it is part of our new, TRIPLE PLAY OFFER, where you can select 3 of our carnival game trailers to combine as a standalone rental. The Triple Play Offer would not require an amusement ride rental.

Renting carnival games is a fantastic way to compliment any amusement ride that you rent from us. Placing the amusement ride, ferris wheel, carousel, in an area with a carnival game trailer, also makes for amazing photo opportunities and really contributes to a carnival themed event.

And There’s More! Aside from the water gun trailer, the water race game rental, we offer a variety of other carnival games for rent.

Prizes are not included in our rentals, but we do offer a selection of carnival prizes for sale to supply your carnival game rental.

All of our game trailer rentals will be priced reflecting a vehicle to transport each game trailer to the event location, normally including staffing to operate the game. The rental also normally includes accommodations for the crew as we travel from our destinations to yours. Our service area covers the United States, and many rentals will incur travel costs as a factor in the overall price quoted.