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Big Round Wheel offers a variety of items available for rental to the film industry.

We have worked on several film projects and offer custom fabrication and design to be able to fit the component into numerous configurations for shots.

Our rides can be partially disassembled with components removed, elevated, and brought indoors for studio shots. BRW staff Is trained to accommodate these requests and our in-house fabrication shop has the capability of manufacturing strands, brackets, mounts, and signage to make our rides available for amazing looking angles and shots.

Create the Ultimate MIDWAY!

At Big Round Wheel, we specialize in the classic carnival look and offer a lot when it comes to detail and layout.
We can construct the Ultimate midway in nearly any setting.

Rides, Food, signage, and Games are the obvious components that go into a custom made carnival along with the know how to stitch it all together.

Give us a call to discuss how Big Round Wheel can build a custom carnival for your film or marketing project and remember when it comes to amusement ride rental, Big Round Wheel has got you covered.



BRW offers safety training for all staffing involved with our amusement rides to ensure proper communication of any risks while engaging a film or photography crew with our equipment.


BRW maintains a collection of Amusement related items that are often requested for rental.

Popcorn Booth

Measures 8ft tall and 6 ft wide.
Nostalgic Popcorn themed vending booth that is one of a kind because it was designed and built by us here at Big Round Wheel Amusements.

We can custom build any specialty carnival equipment.

Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 10

Filmed in Austin TX The carousel was wheeled into the mall and assembled for the scene, the Carousel had to lay down behind the carousel during the shot to be out of frame during the 360 shot. Our Carousel is one of the few that allows for full indoor setups, all components are on rolling racks.

Sylvan Esso's Ferris Wheel Video

Our Ferris wheel was featured in "DC's Doom Patrol" With Timothy Dalton