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84 Ft. Observation Wheel

Our largest ferris wheel stands 84 feet tall and occupies an area of approximately 70’ wide x 30’ deep, 16 gondolas can carry between 4 to 6 passengers each, allowing the ride to hold up to 96 passengers per ride cycle.

Enjoy the brilliant LED light show with hundreds of colorful flash patterns as the entire wheel is illuminated with a colorful glow that can be seen for miles.

Big Round Wheel can furnish this magnificent, Giant Ferris Wheel for your specialized branded event with any customization you can dream of.

We offer endless branding and customization opportunities in all of our rides. Some of the most common placements on a ferris wheel would include; Custom wraps on the gondolas, spoke branding, custom installed flags, banners, sun shades, fencing, customized audio messages, branding inside the gondolas, axle center branding, as well as a LED sign installation with custom video.

Big Round Wheel offers a full in-house service from start to finish, including all-inclusive amusement ride rental covering state amusement permits, staffing, transportation, setup, and branding application.

We are a family owned and operated business specializing in high profile exclusive events. Our staff will offer the finest in safety, professionalism, and courtesy to your guests. Our company is highly regarded for our commitment in reliability, innovation, and presentation of our well maintained, high quality equipment.

Give us a call today about your upcoming needs and we will present some of the most creative options available! Service Available Nationwide