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Overcoming a Fear

Associate the structure

  • Engineering, all amusement park rides are intentionally over engineered to accommodate high volumes of passengers in the ride industry.
  • Maintenance, the amount of maintenance that goes into a ferris wheel is about the same as giving your car an oil change every 30 minutes of driving.


Consider sitting on a park bench which could probably support about 1000 pounds, while sitting on this bench are you afraid the bench will break and you will fall? Most likely not because the consequences of falling 18 inches are not very dangerous. Now consider the ferris wheel seat, yes it is much higher but also designed to carry about three times the weight that a park bench is designed for, it is inspected daily and x-rayed on a regular basis to ensure there is no metal fatigue. Now combine all this information and even though the park bench is not inspected or maintained anywhere near an amusement park ride, how often do you ever hear of anyone getting injured on a park bench?

Things to remember before riding

First off, it will take a few rides to become comfortable, even the most fearful riders feel dramatically less frightened on their second and third ride and typically report this to our ride attendants. Remember, you are always moving and this is much better than being in a high place while stationary. As you get on the ride remember to have a "psyched" attitude of overcoming any fear you have had associated with this ride. Also having a feeling of wanting to go really fast, faster than the ride will probably even go because once you get on the ride and realize it does not go that fast,the disappointing feeling you get in reference to the speed will actually give you the feeling of "oh, that wasn't so bad after all". This alone will have a dramatic effect on how you feel. Just remember to put your mind to it and don't let the ride influence you other wise.

The Rewards

Overcoming a fear is a milestone accomplishment and it is a way to prove to yourself that you are in control of your life which is foundation for any type of future success. Ferris wheels have been around for over 100 years, they can be an extremely relaxing ride, offer one of a kind views and photo opportunities and always a memorable part of an event. Set your mind to it and anything is possible!

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