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  1. There is ample information on our website as well as photos of our equipment. We also have review links and rental Ideas. Our Facebook has details of recent rentals and photo & videos.
  2. Get a free online quote (Ferris Wheel) (Chair-O-Plane)
  3. Check availability, certain times of the year are busier than others. Mainly March-April and September –October are our busiest months. We have clients that book one year in advance for some events, so early bookings are recommended during these peak times. To check schedule availability, call (864) 839-9132 and if you are ready you may also begin the booking process.
  4. Site Visit- Site visits are usually not required but sometimes depending on conditions, we recommend one. If you are ready to book, we can discuss whether a site visit is needed.
  5. Upon booking, we generate a contract that outlines exactly what we will provide as well as operating procedures, safety information and upon signing the contract we can accept payment and generate an insurance certificate and also name our client or property owner as an “additional insured” at no additional cost.
  6. State Inspection- BRW does not participate in any local permitting such as city or town activity permits, electrical, zoning, or any other type of permit required by a local municipality or county. These requirements are not typical as most of the areas we operate in leave the amusement liability up to the state agency. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that there are no local requirements other than state permitting.
    1. North Carolina requires on site inspections of the rides prior to operating at each set up. The fees associated with this are already included in your rental fee however, if we are setting up on a weekend, and require a weekend inspection, NCDOL will charge an additional $250.00 to provide an inspector. This is not included in your rental fee and will be an additional charge unless specified. If scheduled and space permits we may offer to set up on a Friday to avoid this extra fee.
    2. South Carolina certifies and inspects our rides prior to setup and there are no additional fees associated with weekend setups. All inspection fees are paid for by Big Round Wheel and there are no additional fees charged to our customers.
    3. Florida requires annual Licensing,permit and inspection upon each setup as well as third party engineering approval.
    4. New York State requires permits and inspection are each setup
    5. Georgia now requires each ride to be certified and inspected by a Mechanical engineer as well as inspected by a certified ride inspector. Once approved and stamped the State Fire Marshall Office will inspect the ride annually on site.
    6. Texas requires Insurance Compatability approval from our insurance company, a certified inspection report and then issues an annual permit.
  7. Periodically,we will check in with you prior to the event to ensure you that we are on schedule and confirm that everything is a “go” ", we will also periodically verify the date and times are correct..
  8. Day of Event- We will arrive with ample time to complete all setup. Our Ferris wheel will arrive on a semi-truck, accompanied by a large service truck and a mobile diesel generator (if included). We will seek an area within 150 feet from the ferris wheel to set up the generator and drive in two (2) grounding rods into the ground to establish an electrical ground. When setting up the generator, we look for an area where any noise will not be bothersome. We typically select this area with our clients to ensure good placement. Next we place the ferris wheel in an area approximately 27 feet wide by 60 feet long. Dry, firm ground is preferred and concrete or asphalt is even better. We also consider positioning the ride where visibility will enhance the event. (TIP: Keep the ferris wheel in a busy area, surrounded by other features) After setup (approx 3 hrs) we will begin our safety and operational tests to ensure that ride is ready for service. During operation, we normally provide a staff between 3-6 to handle crowd, safety spotters and to rotate the ride operator position. Safety is always our number one priority.
  9. At the end of the event, we will begin dismantling the ride. This takes approximately 3 hours and is normally completed on the last night of operation. We will remove al equipment and fencing and prepare out ride for transport.
  10. While BRW will provide rides to events that have alcohol available, We have extremely strict guidelines about rider conduct. In an effort to keep everyone safe, we have policies that require us to close down all rides when the ride operator observes a level of alcohol induced conduct that may jeopardize safety.

For more information on Big Round Wheel, or out Ferris Wheel Rental services, please contact us at 864-839-9132. If you'd rather send us an email, you can use our online contact form to get in touch.