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Our Commitment to Safety

Our ferris wheel is used seasonally and State inspected on average a minimum of 12 times per year.

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A Ferris Wheel is used for less and inspected more far more for your safety. Our ferris wheel is inspected every day prior to operation. Our safety checklist exceeds manufacturer requirements.

NDT- "Non Destructive Testing"

Every three years the main seat axle pins are "x-rayed" to ensure there are no cracks present or developing. All states require this testing be kept up to date.

Rider Safety is a large part of keeping our ride safe. We have our rules clearly posted prior to entering the ferris wheel. Our employees are trained to communicate the risk of any unsafe behavior and our operator is trained to stop the ride if there are any potential dangers.

Weather- On our daily inspection report is an area to document weather forecasts including any chance of potential weather by the National Weather Service. If there is a concern for bad weather, we will remove all passengers from the ride and close until the operator declares the ride safe to board and operate. We maintain a "double" electrical ground on our ride to have a fail safe ground protection in place in the event of rain. A precaution like this is extremely important to us.

Safety Fencing- All ride will be surrounded by an aluminum safety fence to prevent guests from getting too close to the ride. We also maintain an attendant at the entrance and exit area to ensure guests can gain access to the loading area. All loading area are kept clear before the wheel begins motion.

Fire Protection- The operator of the ride maintains certification to extinguish any type of fire that could be associated with the ride including the power source (diesel generator). We maintain fire protection equipment on all of our rides.

Common Sense Approach to Safety-The owner, operator, and employees are pledged to always be on the lookout for safety concerns, from the basic slip and fall prevention to equipment maintenance. Everyone works as a team and is always focusing on "Safety First" prior to opening the ride for the day. We discuss any safety concerns that are unique to the setup location and everyone works together to access the situation to prevent accidents.

Read this Article from US News to find out about State Amusement Regulation

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