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Big Round Wheel's "Life on the Road"

At Big Round wheel, we are a family business and this allows us to offer an exceptionally high level of quality control and personalized service to our clients. This type of exclusive service is very difficult to find in today's world as many company owners may not have the opportunity to be as "hands on" and be present on the projects, working directly with clients as there are often obstacles that prevent them from having that close connection.

We started as a very small family business and we all participated, we traveled together providing our amusement ride rental and learned the ropes side by side as a family, The travelling we do for our clients has offered us amazing experiences, the road trips, views and exclusive opportunities to meet and interact with celebrities, giant companies, represent well known brands, and work on mega projects is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have, The entire family participates and takes pride in what they do, we build an excellent reputation together.

We wanted to share this with others to show how we do it, what we experience, and how we care about what we do.

We are happy to present our series "Life on the Road"

Big Round Wheel's "Life on the Road"

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Some short videos:

A quick overseas adventure
Set up a carousel in a hotel
We found a carnival in Mexico
A setup we did for Disney
A setup for the White House