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Full Carnival Experience

Looking To Go BIG?

When renting one ride doesn’t quite deliver the experience you are looking to achieve, Big Round Wheel offers the Signature Full Carnival Experience where we can work with you to replicate a full-scale Carnival Midway to surround your guests with amazing rides and games, dazzle them with colorful lights and signs.

Big Round Wheel will design an authentic layout to impress your attendees and offer the most memorable custom Carnival event they have ever seen.

Midway layouts have always been designed to offer the most enjoyable, euphoric experience to encourage attendees to spend time together and enjoy the attractions, capture amazing photo opportunities, videos, and share the amazing experiences and views on social media.

Carnival Rides for Rent

Placement of the equipment can be an artistic creation. Many factors come into play. Visual appeal, safe placement of moving rides, overlap, integration of both rides and games, photo and video appeal, light show, bench seating for spectators, functional trash and restroom placement, appropriate music, and sound location, management of outside vendors and the appropriate placement and integration of their attractions to maximize their function and contribution to the Midway experience.

At Big Round Wheel, we’ve seen it all and it is not easy, but we offer the magic touch!

Even a well-planned event can lack hundreds of elements that contribute to the overall picture of the perfect Carnival Midway. Vendors misplace their equipment, they bring noisy generators, they leave clutter and often provide their services with no vison or concern of the big picture of the event. We can fix that!

Big Round Wheel’s Signature Full Carnival Experience will bring Quality Attractions and staff to saturate your event space, maximizing every bit of available area to offer a one-of-a-kind service in the Amusement Ride Rental Industry.

Carnival Rides for Rent

We can work to manage and integrate other elements, vendors, and outside attractions to ensure everything looks like it belongs in a Midway.

We will design and layout all of the attractions and utilize our Midway know-how to make everything look like a perfect fully functional Carnival.

Carnival Rides for Rent

Call us today to discuss your vison and see what we can do for your next corporate event. There’s nothing quite like our Signature Full Carnival Experience.