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Adding a permanent mounted ride has numerous considerations: placement, where should the ride be installed to be most effective while being practical, accessible, safe and fit the needs of the application. Next we need to select the type of ride and manufacturer, this takes into consideration the state where the ride is being installed. Where some rides are not as compatible with certain state compliance regulations and selecting the proper ride design can be critical while proper selection can save projects costs.

After considering options and selecting the ride, we would order a ride that fits the application and oversee manufacturing, handle transportation, delivery of the amusement device. Prior to install, any state modifications would be made, including concrete work, custom line que railing, gates, electrical control panel, lighting, and signage.

At this point we will assemble the ride on site, permitting and licensing will occur, ride testing and further planning for opening the ride to the public.

Once the ride is complete, we assist with a comprehensive operating procedure to address all of the unique conditions of the site specific setup. We will draft operating policies, assist with operator training to be specific to Industry Specific manufacturer requirements as well as specific state and local regulations. The ride operators are trained with many skills other than what are required. This type of commitment to safety and ride maintenance is paramount in keeping the guests and the entire ride area running safe and efficiently so that your investment runs smooth and offers the appeal that you have been looking for.

27 years of experience in Industrial/commercial construction which represents a large portion of Amusement ride installation and 7 years of mobile Amusement Business operation. We are recognized nationally for our safety practices, ride management documentation, and innovative add on safety practices that exceed state requirements and manufacturer standards.

From concept to design, ride selection and purchase, fabrication and installation, management and operation and training

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