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The Spider

The Spider Thrill Ride

Looking for a high intensity thrill ride? Look no further, Treat your guests to this classic and you'll hear their reactions! This has been an amusement park classic for decades and Big Round Wheel can bring it to your next corporate event!

The motion of this ride spins from the center as well as the actual car and to add another thrill, the ride also surges up and dips down. Put all those motions together and you have "THE SPIDER!"

Big Round Wheel offers unique and classic amusement rides for rent across the country. Rides of this type are not easy to find within the rental market and because of this, we serve an extremely large market.

The spider comes in on an 18 wheeler and is set up with an onboard crane. The components are hoisted into place, bolted and pinned together and it occupies a 65 foot circle. The Spider has 12 seats each holding 2 occupants totaling 24 passengers per cycle.

The Spider Thrill Ride

The power consumption is 3 phase 208 volt 125 amp 5 wire

When you are looking for high impact rides for your event, GO BIG! go with Big Round Wheel and see the difference in ride inventory and professionalism.

The Spider can be your next attraction for your event! Call us to check availability and to discuss all the details!