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Need a way to help pay for your Amusement Ride Rental? Or Looking for a unique method of Brand Marketing?

Consider the concept of branding the ride with a sponsor’s logo! Big Round Wheel provides templates for graphic companies to design banner and magnetic signs to a variety of location on our Amusement rides. These branding methods are major opportunities to get exposure at event, a great way to attract attention. Our rides are equipped with attachment points to securely attach these types of banners for various applications.


After securing a rental date with Big Round Wheel, we provide dimensions on template for graphic design. You can use your graphics company, or ours. The graphics can be shipped to us and we will attach them prior to the event. Many graphics are reusable so if you have annual events, the next year is of little or no cost.


So, you have a sponsor in mind but maybe the approach would be a bit more appealing if you had a concept photo or drawing; we can help with that! Simply furnish us with a clean logo file and we can assist with a concept photo to show your sponsor or client. We can also supply you with photos of our Ferris Wheel or Amusement Ride and you can do the creative photo editing yourself. These are many options and the more variety, the better the impact. Putting a company’s logo on a 5-story moving ferris wheel will definitely make a run for the marketing Hall of Fame. Attract attention in a Big Round Way when you put your brand on a Ferris Wheel!

This creative advertising concept is highly effective and has been pioneered by Big Round Wheel Amusements. Our rides are all equipped with custom attachment points to take advantage of the high-profile advertising opportunities that are always a focal point in a location. We also furnish a sound system on many of our rides that is capable of playing a sound clip such as an audio commercial or announcement that can play in the background while guests are riding or waiting in line.


Just a few of the applications

  • Open House
  • Car Dealerships
  • Grand Openings
  • Corporate Events
  • Major Event Sponsors
  • Roadside Advertising
  • Media Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Televised Events
  • Downtown Advertising


Everyone glances at signs and banners and often don’t read or remember what was printed on them. When you put your message on a focal point, that is moving, with passengers and is the subject of numerous photos, videos, and social media posts, you have definitely landed your message in an extremely high impact area. Add a Ferris Wheel with your company name to your trade show location and you are sure to be the main attraction. We can also theme the ride to your subject.

Our Amusement rides can be branded with or without passengers boarding the ride. Big Round Wheel specializes in Amusement Ride Branding.