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Full Size Bumper cars

NEW FOR 2022

Bumper Cars Everyone loves Bumper Cars! Now you can add this popular attraction to your event! While very popular at Carnivals and Fairs, Bumper cars are actually quite unique in the Amusement ride rental market.

Big Round Wheel amusements offers the Bumper Cars complete with the track house, guardrails, and all fencing. The Majestic Scooter is a popular brand of Bumper car setup that offers an attractive well-lit marquee that surrounds the entire track. 16 bumper cars are included and each car seats two riders.

The setup area should be level and the Bumper Cars take up a footprint of 60ft x 60 ft. All bumper cars in this rental are electric powered and extremely energy efficient! Set up of this 1,800 square foot area takes 8-12 hours and can be dismantled in 7-8 hours.

Let’s Talk Capacity:

These are the same size Bumper cars that you would find at a fun park, fair, or carnival. With 16 cars and 2 riders per car, there can be 32 riders every 5-6 minutes. That’s 300 plus riders per hour!

The track area is 1,800 square feet which is the size of a small commercial building.

Adding Bumper cars to your event will bring a very popular and unique item that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The lights on the 360-degree marquee will be sure to impress!

With Big Round Wheel you will experience a higher level of quality and reliability with our service, and we will be sure to make your Bumper car rental smooth and easy, check out our other amusement rides available for rental and please contact us with any questions about our available bumper cars for rent.

We offer branding and customization of this entire ride as well.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Car Footprint