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The Himalaya

The Himalaya has been a carnival classic for over 60 years.If you remember going to a carnival or fair and seeing a ride with loud music and sirens that spins first forward then a bonus ride in reverse, this is that ride.

There are variations of this ride as there are versions made by a number of amusement ride manufacturers. The variations of this ride include The Music Express, Rock N Roll, The Silver Streak, and others, the popularity of this ride has encouraged over 6 amusement ride manufacturers to produce their own versions.

The Himalaya is composed of 16 carts that are driven along a series of rolling hills at a speed of almost 12 RPM. The Himalaya includes a sound system, a siren, air horns and a spectacular light show to produce and enhance the high energy level of the ride.

The Himalaya has one major benefit that allows for a younger rider to enjoy it as well as adults. Where most thrill rides start at a 42" minimum rider height, the Himalaya has been designed with a more versatile restraint system to accommodate riders 36" and taller! This means that the little ones can enjoy this thrill ride safely with others before they meet the height requirements of other rides. So while the Himalaya packs an exciting, high energy ride, it is still gentle enough to allow a broad range of riders. As the riders board the ride, each of the 16 seats can accommodate up to 3 passengers, lap bars are locked and riders are restrained from exiting during the ride, this ensures everyone is safe during the bidirectional ride. The music starts and the ride starts rolling ever so gradually as it picks up speed, as the ride operator hears the riders screams, the operator may ask them if they want to go faster, the intensity builds as the ride comes to a stop, the riders think it's over But..... now we do it again, backwards this time.

If you want a classic favorite as a part of your amusement ride rental you can't go wrong with the Himalaya, your guests won't believe that this carnival classic is a part of the event and the excitement will be a good indicator.

Another benefit to renting this amusement ride for your event is the large marquee that sits above the ride with the amazing light show, this really accents the ride and clearly defines its large presence while really driving home that classic carnival feel. The best way to offer your guests a fast paced bobsled experience is not necessary a trip to Nepal but much more convenient to rent the Himalaya amusement ride from Big Round Wheel Amusements.

We do it best, we are Family owned and operated which means we own the rides, maintain them, set the rides up and operate them. This type of involvement allows us to offer an extremely high level of quality control, safety, reliability and first class service that is second to none. When quality equipment and professionalism are critical, go with the best! Go with Big Round Wheel.

Ride Dimensions
35 feet deep X 49 feet wide X 27 feet tall

Power requirements:
3 Phase 208 volts (5 wire system) 40 amp draw

640 to 960 passengers per hour depending on seating configuration (Each vehicle seats 2 to 3)