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Gondola Ferris Wheel

We are pleased to announce our newest ride for 2020, A Brand New Ferris Wheel! Many of our clients have requested a larger Ferris wheel that can seat a family of 4 together and This ride can do it, It also has the capability of loading two gondolas simultaneously which increases the hourly passenger capacity to around 300 riders. The average 40 passenger turnover is around 8 minutes.

Having a 5 story Gondola style ferris wheel at your location is a spectacle in itself, the ride stands at 50 feet tall with 10 beautifully custom hand painted gondolas and is fully illuminated with customizable LED lighting with a variety of flash patterns and colors that could be custom to a clients request. The mural inserts on the gondolas can easily be covered with our custom branding shields or set up as a different theme as requested by the client.

As with all of our rides, Our Gondola wheel is fitted with attachment points in numerous locations to facilitate branding. The ride will also have the option to be equipped with a round L.E.D. sign at the center of the wheel hub that could be customized with video, a logo, or a message. Big Round Wheel had this ride custom fabricated to specifically receive several branding areas and components and we are currently adding more options. If you are looking to make an impact, this ride is sure to please.

The Gondola Ferris wheel arrives on a Tractor trailer with an overall length of 67 feet long. The entire vehicle (truck and trailer) weighs 50,656 lbs. and is distributed over 5 axles which brings the average weight per axle down to around 10,131 lbs. which is only about of half of the weight per axle that is allowed on roads and not much more than a typical delivery truck.

50ft Gondola Ferris Wheel

Gondola Ferris Wheel rental

Once the Truck/Tractor is removed the overall length becomes 46' 9" long and occupies a footprint of approx. 30' X 60' and because of the newer technology, this new environmentally friendly ride consumes 40% less power than a traditional ferris wheel of its size and is completely silent when its running For our power supply we connect to a 3 phase, 208 or 230 volt / 50 amp power supply such as a 20kw or larger generator, This is supplied by the renter in most cases and easily available at United Rentals or most local rental supply companies. The setup process takes around 6 hours as well as the take down. The ride can be setup on a variety of terrains however the footprint area should be reasonably level. Asphalt and concrete are always preferred and help expedite the setup. We provide all of the staffing to transport, setup and operate the ride.

At Big Round Wheel, we specialize in Amusement ride rental and we make Ferris Wheel rental fun and easy. As a family owned and operated business, we are able to offer a very high level of quality, reliability, and professionalism that has been trusted by hundreds of exclusive clients and corporate brands that we have served with our quality amusement rides.

Our new Ferris Wheel was custom designed and manufactured in Poland for BRW Amusements to meet our specific requirements and safety standards. It stands at 5 Stories tall and is sure to be the center of attention and make a dramatic impact.

Gondola Ferris Wheel

The Carousel to the left of the ferris wheel is 17 feet tall, this easily shows the perspective of how tall the Gondola wheel stands.

50ft Gondola Ferris Wheel

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