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50 Ft. Gondola Ferris wheel

We are pleased to announce our newest ride for Late 2019, Many of our clients have requested a larger Ferris wheel that can seat a family of 4 together and This ride can do it, It also has the capability of loading two gondolas simultaneously which increases the hourly passenger capacity to around 300 riders.

This ride stands at 50 feet tall with 10 beautifully custom painted gondolas and is fully illuminated with customizable LED lighting with a variety of flash patterns and colors that could be custom to a clients request.

As with all of our rides, Our Gondola wheel is fitted with attachment points in numerous locations to facilitate branding. The ride will also be equipped with an L.E.D. sign at the center of the wheel that could be customized with a logo or message.

The Gondola Ferris wheel occupies a footprint of approx. 30' X 60' and because of the newer technology, the ride consumes 40% less power than a traditional ferris wheel of its size and is completely silent when its running.

This ride is currently being Manufactured in Europe for BRW Amusements to meet our specific requirements and safety standards. We expect that by April 2019, We will begin bookings for this new ride for After October 1, 2019 - Early 2020 Season.