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For rentals between Nov 15 through December 31 we require a 30 day minimum rental for the carousel.

Carousel Ride

Big Round Wheel amusements provides a variety of rides for amusement ride rental and we serve a large geographical area. When clients are looking to rent a carousel or merry go round

We offer a nostalgic looking Carousel that seats up to 16 people. It can be fully illuminated and looks great at night. Big Round Wheel can provide everything, including the power source, state permits, insurance, and staffing for one flat fee. This is a great addition to any event. We also have classic Wurlitzer Carnival steam organ music to add that extra old time feel. Our Carousel is a very high volume ride, capable of riding approx. 200 people per hour. The ability to load 16 passengers at one time gives this ride a great turn around to move a crowd through and be enjoyed by everyone attending your event. People of all ages can ride. Very small children can ride with an adult standing alongside for safety. The Carousel features 10 beautifully painted horses that move up and down as the ride rotates as well as 2 zebras, 2 giraffe, and a chariot that are stationary for those riders who wish to remain still while the ride is in motion. The chariot can seat 2-3 people.

The Carousel can easily be set up indoors (see the video below) as a Shopping Center Carousel, a centerpiece for a Gala or other formal event or any other indoor application. For outdoor events, the ride is equipped with a covered tent like canopy which is a great feature for summer time events or damp weather. The ride has a footprint of approx. 38 feet in diameter and stands 17 feet tall. The carousel runs on 220 volt, 40 amp power which is usually easy found at most locations. Big Round Wheel also provides safety fencing and gates, as well as any signage that may be required by the state.

Big Round Wheel offers a high level of service with great communication and first class service, Our clients trust that we will make their Amusement ride rental a pleasant experience that is full of unique options and we are constantly offering improvements and innovation to what we do.

This Carousel was featured in a major blockbuster movie! Click HERE for details.

A carousel rental will add a uniqueness to you event that no one else will have. A great advantage to putting you, your event, town, city, or organization in the spotlight and creating a lasting memory in your guests' minds for years to come. Big Round Wheel is a proven, reputable amusement ride rental business with the experience to make your event great. Remember, when you rent a carousel from Big Round Wheel, you are not just renting a ride, you are renting classic carnival experience that is second to none. Feel free to contact us with and questions. Click here to read reviews from some of our past clients and ask about long term and Christmas holiday rentals and other amusement ride rentals at substantial savings.


Big Round Wheel provides setup of our Carousel for indoor events. Our carousel has been setup and racked specifically to fit through doorways, down hallways without damage to floors or other indoor surfaces. BRW staff will use extreme caution and care to ensure a damage free setup. Once complete, the Carousel stands close to 18 feet tall with the option to lower the overall height if required. An indoor amusement ride setup of a ride of this size is rare and offers a very impressive element for a weatherproof indoor event. Other setup ideas include Tents, pavilions, stage setups and the limits are endless.