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Last Minute Ticket Based Rides

Occasionally, we have empty spots in our schedule that allow us to consider setting up certain rides at events on a ticket revenue rental. That means, we would not charge a rental fee but instead will sell tickets to cover our fees.

This type of setup requires a very large crowd, a prime location hat is central to the event, and flexibility to offer the attractions on a last minute basis. Often less than 30 days notice is required.

We do not provide ticketed rides to first time events. Since BRW is a rental company, we do not participate in large scale fairs or carnivals. However when location and schedule permit, we can attempt to offer Carnival Attractions to certain events that are open to the public and that allow us to sell our ride tickets to patrons.

  1. Submit a last minute ticket based ride supply form with as much information about your event as possible, including crowd sizes from previous years, features and themes of your event, desired location description of rides, and possibly photos as well.
  2. We will save this information on our schedule and as the event date gets closer, we may contact you if we have rides available near your event.
  3. Upon scheduling, BRW will obtain all state permits/inspections and arrange transportation and setup. The Event Coordinator is responsible for all local, county licensing and permitting, including costs associated.
  4. A deposit of $1000.00 will be paid by event and refunded upon ride setup onsite.
  5. BRW will sell and collect tickets at rides adding a fun, exciting element to your event at minimal cost while attracting thousands of extra attendees who want to enjoy amusement rides.

Please note that this does not guarantee any rides will be available. This method is stand by only. The only we can guarantee this is to rent the ride which is our normal procedure and main course of business in which case, the event could sell tickets and keep all revenue.

Please provide more information about the event below.