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67 ft Expo Wheel

NEW FOR 2022

Did someone say, “GO BIG”? We’ve got that covered with our 67ft Exposition Wheel! It has round gondolas that seat 4-6 people per seat. Also, has the capability to load 2 gondolas simultaneously.

If you have visited a large state fair, and saw the big wheel, this is that Ferris Wheel. With 16 gondolas, this wheel can seat almost 100 passengers in one cycle! That’s approximately 500 per hour.

This Ferris Wheel is extremely large and is brought in on 2 trailers. The first trailer carries the main structure of the ferris wheel minus the seats. The truck combination that brings this in is 74 ft long and weighs 64,556 lbs. The second trailer and truck weigh 23,000 lbs. and is 53 feet long. It carries the 16 gondolas along with a gantry crane to load the seats onto the wheel. This trailer and truck will be removed from the area after the ride setup is completed.

Sizes and Dimensions:

Overall footprint: 24ft deep x 75ft wide x 67ft tall

Weight: 50,000lbs plus 13,440lbs of passengers totaling 63,440lbs when fully assembled and loaded

Passenger Height Requirements:

With the large, open style, gondolas, this Ferris Wheel has a height requirement of ____ inches to ride with an accompanying adult and ___ inches without an adult. This ferris wheel is not intended for small children under ___ inches tall. This is standard practice for all open style gondola ferris wheels.

Setup Process:

When renting an amusement ride, especially Ferris Wheels, they vary in complexity, and this is usually determined by size. This ferris wheel usually requires around 6-8 hours to set up. The take down time is around the same.

Power Requirements:

The 67ft Ferris Wheel requires approximately 60 kilowatts of 3 phase, 208-volt, industrial power. We use a 5 wire, 3 phase, configuration and use a 150-amp mini cam connector but we normally carry adaptors to connect to 400-amp cam systems or a pigtail adaptor to wire directly into the terminal block of a standard rental diesel generator. We do not provide power with the majority of our ride rentals and have found it to be much less expensive for our client to rent a generator locally from a rental supply company rather than pay to have a generator transported across the country.


The ferris wheel requires a crew for setup and operation consisting between 5 to 7 staff members.


Due to the complexity of this ferris wheel, combined with transportation and setup, we can provide you with a quote over the phone. This will allow us to become familiar with all of the details of your event.