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Star Tower

Imagine soaring over 100 feet in the air with a view that takes your breath away and a ride as smooth as a gentle breeze.

Get ready to have your guests board the Star Tower ride, buckle in and be lifted high into the sky for an smooth adrenaline pumping ride into the stars. Big Round Wheel now offers this spectacular attraction that literally tops all the others. The Star Tower occupies a surprisingly small footprint of only 55 feet square to provide a ride that stands a whopping 125 feet tall. The Star Tower is equipped with an amazing light show that can be seen for miles.

Big round wheel provides high quality amusement ride rental and offers some of the largest amusement ride attractions available anywhere on the rental market. This Tower swing ride is considered a "spectacular ride" and a very high profile attraction that provides an experience that is breath taking!

If you are looking to "go big" this is your ride.

Big round wheel provides the transportation, setup, and staffing to operate this giant attraction at the location of your choice, anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world.