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Rock O Plane

The Rock O Plane is the pioneer of classic thrill rides that can perform like two rides in one, for riders wishing to have a calm experience much like the Ferris wheel they can board the ride and sit back and enjoy the same motion that they would in a traditional Ferris wheel as the seat will remain upright for the duration of the ride.

For thrill seekers, the ride has an interactive feature which consists of a brake that the rider can control the rotation of the pod that they are riding in, as the ride rotates; the rider can lock the brake on the car preventing it from rotating with the rest of the ride and causing it to go upside down. The brake can be locked and released at various times throughout the ride which can rock the seat into a variety of swinging and rotating positions. The riders remain in a cage with a harness making for a safe experience and offering a variety of thrill levels that are determined by the passengers.

The Rock O Plane stands 45 feet tall and unlike the Ferris wheel, it can rotate in both directions. The Rock O Plane is fully illuminated with traditional amusement lighting and looks amazing at night.

The average ride is approximately 8 minutes which includes 6 minutes of loading and 2 minutes of nonstop fun. Riders will load the ride from a platform which is about 18" above ground level. Each seat carries Two passengers.

The Rock O Plane is fully brandable offering large surface areas on cars, lighting change options, custom fabricated steel signs and center axle branding options. We can provide custom renderings of what the ride would look like with branding options in place.

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See what people are saying about the Rock O Plane ride as being named the Best ride in the park at central park fun land. Big round wheel can provide this popular classic to your next event.