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A small Town hosted an annual festival each year and rented rides from Big Round Wheel, this was an event that was growing each year and was always open minded and looking for new ways to build their event. When asked about new rides, BRW suggested that they try the Stunt show, with concerns for space, the safety of any stunt riders and the popularity of the sport being too narrow of an audience in question, the festival committee decided to give it a try.

To promote the event, a media release included the details of the stunt show in the newspaper. On event day, there were 3 shows planned and the first started at 11 a.m. The lead stunt rider (from Canada) greeted the crowd with a microphone and an electric guitar and proceeded to play the Star spangled banner on his guitar as the crowd applauded and cheered, at the conclusion of the song he started his motorcycle and circled the perimeter of the riding area telling the crowd that if they cheered and made noise to show their approval of a stunt, he would attempt another that would be even better.

Both riders were jumping a 12 foot high ramp to launch them over 30 feet in the air across an 80 foot gap and touching down on a landing ramp then circling around to repeat and do another death defying trick. The crowd did cheer!

Stunts included the rider getting completely off the motorcycle while in mid air and quickly getting back onto the seat for a landing. The stunt rider takes a quick break from the stunts and approaches the audience with microphone in hand and says " Do you want to see something really wild??" He speeds his cycle towards the ramp and once in the air he does a complete backflip while on the motorcycle! and lands perfectly, The crowd roars for him to repeat this extremely difficult stunt and he does so with a mix of many other unimaginable feats of skill.

As the show concludes, the riders park their bikes and the barriers are opened to let the crowd in as the riders pose for photos and sign autographs. Many children have a variety of questions to ask them and like to get up close to see the ramps and stunt motorcycles. The 11:00 show had packed both sides of the street to cover one city block about 8 people deep and created a tremendous buzz within social media, Facebook live and the news media as well, many of the spectators appreciated that they could see a show that they would normally have to travel to an arena or coliseum while paying a ticket price to attend, and got to see it at no cost at the festival, they were extremely pleased.

The festival committee members had already stated that they had never seen such a turnout and had received much praise about the new feature to the festival.

The following shows were completely packed as guests had heard about the stunt show from friends who attended the first one as well as the Chamber of commerce covering the event on Facebook live.

The Flying Motorcycle Stunt Show has been added as an annual event and has contributed to the success of the Festival.

The show is currently available for booking reservations for your next Corporate event, Outdoor festival, Private party or other occasion. Inquire about a custom sized show to fit your event budget and bring something unique that sets your event at a higher level. Our Stunt show is available at a fraction of the cost that arena shows would pay and is a rare opportunity.