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I just rented a Ferris Wheel, Where should I put it?


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This is a common question we get from many of our customers, and a very important one at that. In many of our rentals, the Ferris Wheel is being rented not only for fun, but to attract attention and a Ferris wheel is an old pro at getting attention,and lets face it, everyone wants their event to be popular and Fun! But to get the most out of the attention getting concept Here are a few things to consider.

Think about the size of your event, you probably want to make it look and feel successful and to do this you want to get the scale of your space right. If you are having a party of 100 in the middle of a football field, it will likely seem like a party of 10 and appear unpopular to guests. Always consider the amount of space you have first and try and make your event seem more crowded, this concept goes way back to the circus days and crowding large amounts of spectators into a small circus tent and there you have it, a sold out or at least appearing sold out show, the circus owner knew what size tent to set up to make the show look full and that is what makes the event have that "well attended" and successful look, You want to follow that principle and try and estimate the crowd and utilize your space enough so the main attractions,food,entertainment and crowd will all work in your favor. so with that covered, now you have a 47 foot Ferris wheel centerpiece to highlight your event, you need to use it to your advantage to create the "wow" factor. Rule #1 is to build around it, the Ferris wheel is most likely the tallest piece at the event and we don't want it standing alone so crowd it in with plenty of reasons to get people to congregate around it, one sure winner is food,also other forms of entertainment, and even create a photo opportunity with part of the Ferris Wheel in the shot, just be sure to allow room for entrance lines and exit room. Building a crowd around the wheel will make for spectacular pictures of your event taken from ground level as well as taken from above to be shared on social media by yourself and your guests, weather it is a crowd of 50 or 10,000, shared photos tell the story about your event, the attendance and enjoyment make it easy to capture a crowd in all the photos taken.

Placing the Ferris Wheel and other items within a busy area will promote the event well to attendees and ensure that there will be talk about who's coming next year, after all you did to make your event "over the top" Some mistakes we've seen were the event host spreading everything out too far where there was large amounts of empty space between everything, this results in guests being anti-social, photos looking empty, and guests leaving early. Remember a crowd attracts a crowd and this rule applies even to smaller events it is always better to cramp things together and leave the extra space for overflow if you need it, the guests will determine that and as the event grows they will spread out, and at the same time you will always maintain your focal point and appear to be hosting a well attended event all the way up to the last few guests. There are other considerations as well, sometimes you already have a well attended event and plenty of features to take up space, you are not only looking for popularity with the event but you want to attract people from the outside to come in, Try placing it within view from a road (if its a well traveled area) and also adding a non-operational day to the rental, to let people know something is about to happen and is extremely good at getting attention at just the right time prior to the event, signs are great if people have time to read them while driving by but when people see a Ferris Wheel, they focus and are curious of what is about to happen at the event location, we see many heads turned while setting up our rides.

With all of this considered and you're ready to go forward with the placement of The Ferris Wheel there's one more thing to remember: "We're here to help!"  Give us a call to discuss placement of the Ferris Wheel, we see many events and perhaps there is a suggestion we can make to help out!