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2021 Event Options: Virtual Events

  • FUN Doesn’t Have to be Crowded!
  • Safe
  • Interactive
  • Custom Experiences
  • Physical Distancing Options, Zero Lines, Wider Time Window to Allow Individual Rides
  • Aerial Drone Opportunities
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Games
  • Your Location or Ours
  • The Ability to Convert the Virtual Event to a Live Event If Conditions Improve

While 2021 may appear to be a year of uncertainty, Big Round Wheel is prepared to offer options that make moving forward a bit easier.

Build a virtual event for your audience. Create a safe, remote viewing opportunity where participants can interact, enjoy rides, play games, win prizes, enter contests, and make the best out of a situation while staying safe.

The best part of building a Virtual Carnival is the amount that can be added before the event. While many other events may have been cancelled, this one can be a go!

Technology has unlocked many new options to allow potential guests to view their experience from angles that they have never thought of, but now it is more practical than ever.

Our rides and games can be set up, customized, and captured for a live audience with an amazing opportunity for creativity through drone shots, passenger POV angles, live interaction, behind the scenes, setup of the rides, mechanical views, and live game interactions with prize opportunities for virtual attendees.

The best part of that if conditions improve, even during planning, the entire event can be toggled back to a live experience. This eliminated the uncertainty and allows the event to be called according to conditions as they may change.

Interested? Give us a call! We are happy to discuss options, budget, and even provide a remote location to save on amusement ride travel costs.

We are booking both Live events as well as virtual events at this time. Many clients have already chosen to begin their 2021 dates as virtual, while keeping the option available to switch to Live events should the conditions change. Here at Big Round Wheel, we are happy to offer options!