Big Round Wheel Provides Ferris Wheel Rental, Amusement Ride Rental, Carnival Games, and Attractions for a Variety of Events.
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Promotional & Branding

For events we offer a spectacular 47-foot Ferris Wheel that seats up to 36 people. It can be fully illuminated and looks great at night. Big Round Wheel will provide everything, including the power source, for one flat fee. This is a great attention getter for events and marketing!

We make our Ferris Wheel available to anyone. Here are some standard events that Ferris Wheels can add the perfect touch to:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Sales Events
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • Trade Show

A Ferris Wheel is a powerful advertising tool, Customer sales promotions represent a large portion of our rentals.

Dedicated Branding Options Available:
BRW specializes in customizing ride for dedicated branding services. This includes National Service location routs with fully customized rides featuring client’s brand, colors, custom lighting changes, and anything else needed to fully convert a piece of amusement equipment to take the image of a client’s brand. BRW will travel with this equipment to a client’s specified location route. Let our family owned and operated business give a dependable, positive image to this feature of your branding concept.

“Attach your company name or sponsors name and logo to this ride” – Find out more

University of Illinois

University of Illinois

Slice Fest Birmingham AL

Pink Columbus OH

Westobou Festival Augusta GA